One of the many beauties of living in the internet age is that geography is no longer a constraint. I offer several levels of college application essay consulting service, each of which is enabled by Skype and Skype’s “shared desktop” feature. Whether you live in Orange County California or West Orange, New Jersey, you’ll get virtual hands-on assistance as we prep your application package for the Big Envelope.

One 30-min session, $99

Basic Consulting Service: One 30 minute Skype session. You will send me your essay or essays (750 word max, MS Word document). I will already have read and made in-line comments to the essay by the time we begin our session. The session will be a foundational discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the essay, and will provide meaningful suggestions for future revisions. Cost: $99


Two 30-min sessions, $179

Intermediate Consulting Service: Two 30 minute Skype sessions. The second session will address the progress that you’ve made since the first draft, ensuring that the direction you’re taking your essay avoids some of the common mistakes to which many earnest yet naive soon-to-be college freshman fall prey. Cost: $179


Three 30-min sessions, $239

Premium Consulting Service: Three 30 minute Skype sessions. In sum, we will use the final installment to polish to a high gloss your application essay(s). Can we use dialogue here? Have you successfully linked your compelling story to an academic interest that will pique your reader’s curiosity? Will you make an impression? These are just a few of the considerations we will account for at this level. Cost: $239